Stop Human Traffic – IB/DP Activity – Classroom discusion, research, and activity included


trafficDownload the PDF here


I have designed with the help of a very interesting guide for teachers on how to prevent human traffic. At the end I have created a very interesting activity. You can save it and you can you use whenever you talk about human traffic.


Here is ther link for the intire planner:




Conversation class – The Korean Music Revolution (Article and conversation)


I have a very big group of students who loves K-pop. If we are talking about culture and diversity, why not K-pop? I found this interesting article over the internet that teaches about the Korean alphabet.

Since my students study Mandarin, I will ask them to compare and contrast Korean and Chinese Alphabet. There is also a discussion available in the beggining.

I know this is not about any literature book that is a classic, however it would call students attention.

Download the file:

PDF (Article and Conversarion class) KPOP Now! The Korean Music Revolution


Grammar Fun – Used to…

I spend days and days thinking, researching, gathering ideas for me to approach anything in the classroom.

I really think that we should spend time creating or researching how to approach some subjects in class. 

I came up with the idea of how to teach used to. When I applied the subject at first, I didn’t explain any grammar structure. At the end they actually new just how to do it. Of course, I am approaching structure afterwards, but here goes the idea. 

I asked my students to bring their pictures when they were babies and they made the awesome Craftivity about things they used to do and how they used to be when they were younger. That worksheet I made myself, that is me when I was a baby. I loved doing that! Learning used to was never that fun! 


Creating your own Business- Guided Crafitivity (Writing)

That was a lot of fun! You can also download the objectives so students can get organized.

(PDF)Creating a Business Guiding Worksheet – Business

Creating your logo 

TOPIC: How to choose the right color for your brand using color psychology?

  • Create the name of your business

  • What does this business stand for? (Food, beauty products, video games, etc.)

  • Evaluate the best way your costumers can feel when they see your logo.

Task 2: Creating your business card. 

Include your logo, name, email and telephone for contact.

Task 3: List some products you will be selling. 

They do not need to be something you create, you can research them.