Book Review: The Bilingual Edge – King and Mackey


Book Review

by Michele Canola Rojas


This book is very interesting for those who is trying to raise a bilingual child.  It is no secret that parents want their children to have the lifelong cultural and intellectual advantages that come from being bilingual.

I found this book somehow directed to the U.S parents, and some of the tips would not work for us. However, they make it very clear that when you actually spend time speaking the language you want your kid to learn, they can acquire a lot only from these moments together.

It is sad that they do not say good things about bilingual schools, which we find it a very interesting way of developing social and language skills.

The book goes on and on about how awesome bilingualism is. It is nice for those who is not totally convinced that raising a bilingual child is something great, but it may get tiresome for us teachers. However, it is useful evidence-based and parent-oriented advice on raising children with more than one language.


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