Science Experiment: Making our own Clouds português/ English/ español 


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Making our own Clouds

Materials Needed:

Cotton Balls

Flat pans or flat containers


 Effervescent  tablets 

Put about a half inch of water in the pan(s). Give each child a cotton ball. Explain that this will act as their cloud. How does the cloud feel? Light and soft? Talk about how water will “evaporate” or become tiny droplets and will rise up into the sky. Ask them to place their cotton over the water. Can you see the water traveling up into their cotton? How does the cloud feel now? Heavy? As they lift the cotton ball up from the water some “rain” will begin to drip from the clouds. This is exactly how a cloud acts when it is full of water! The water comes back down as rain and ends up in lakes, streams and the ocean (represented by the pan of water). Once their cloud in empty of water, the process can begin again.

Source with modifications:


Fazendo nossas próprias nuvens

Materiais necessários:

Bolas de algodão

panelas rasos ou recipientes rasos


 comprimidos efervescentes

Haciendo nuestras propias nubes

Materiales necesarios:

bolas de algodón

ollas poco profundos o recipientes poco profundos


 tabletas efervescentes


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