4 steps for a great activity

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Written by: Michele Canola Rojas

There are some few steps to have a great activity:

1. It is always nice to introduce the topic, or try to link with something you are already teaching in class. We Have to avoid getting contents out of the blue.

2. Students have to participate during the introduction process as well. It is nice to activate the prior knowledge [1]before any activity.

2. Get together with the students, get to know them. Many times, as teachers we press on the robot mode, and we go on to get everything done. But to work WITH the students, makes everything so much fun.

3. If your intention is to build up a bulletin board or a worksheet file, students can also get involved in this process.

4. Did they actually learn everything we approached in class? Get the answer from them, it is part of the process.

1 Prior knowledge: Noun. (uncountable). the knowledge that stems from previous experience.


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