Cooking for learning – Monster bites

Michele Canola Rojas

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Just to let you know, lots of things that we post here, we actually do in the classroom.

We did something amazing today: monsters bite.

All of it to let the kids know that healthy snacks can be good (even though there is a bit of sugar, however just a bit).

We’ve been working on how to be balanced and to eat different types of food.

At the beginning, it was a bit hard, kids from Brazil don’t eat a lot of peanut butter or whatsoever, they prefer sweet things. They tried and “kind” of liked it.

When I delivered the monster mouth, they acted so excited that I could not believe. After all, they put all the pieces together and had so much fun eating.

I have tried that, and it was actually good. For the ESL teachers, you can actually teach the following vocabulary: mouth, monster, green, smile, tooth/teeth, peanut butter, and so on.
It was yummy and fun. I recommend that.


Granny Smith apples (mouth)

Peanut butter (monster’s saliva)

Marshmallow (for teeth)

Strawberries (tongue)
I recommend you to get the mouth carved because it is hard and dangerous for kids of young age.
Have fun and enjoy it!

Michele Canola Rojas


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