Pet in a box – working about Habitats 

I have been working with my kids about animals habitats. I kept thinking about how they could show more interest, since it can get boring.

There are plenty of animals that live on the mountain, many of them kids don’t get to see here since we do not live in the mountains. For those who live over there, may be obvious for people who live in mountainous region.

So, they researched about some animals and we decided which animals we would study deep.

They decided to go with some amazing ones: brown bears, butterflies, alpaca, chinchilla, cougars, and blue ship.

We did not go deep in each mountain we wanted to talk about, because it was not the point.

We decided to make a “crib” for the baby animals, they made a “forest bed” and put the baby inside to sleep. Isn’t that cute?

You can change the approach, it can be regular pets on a box.

How to get it done:

1. Ask parents to send to school small boxes. After that pass the mask tape around it to cut the top, so then we can keep the pet warm. Hihihi

2. Hands on! Kids are going to try to make the “forest bed” comfortable.

2. Put on some “forest bushes” so the cub  would feel comfortable.

3. Play dough is great to make the cub.

Next step, what about connect math with that?

Length, weigh, size…

Have fun!!!


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