When behavior charts don’t work, throw them in the trash bin!

There are many ideas over the internet that you can go crazy about. So many characters printed on charts that they can simply solve the problem of  the indiscipline you have in the classroom. There plenty of behavior charts that seem to solve your problems in your daily routine.

I have already used  plenty of them, and as far as I am concerned, each classroom has a level of indiscipline and focus. I have tried many approaches this year, many of them didn’t work out. Kids seemed not to pay attention on any of that.

In addition to that, I have to say something that may shock some of the educators: when behavior charts don’t work, throw them in the trash bin! Many of the charts that we print, laminate, and happily attached them on the wall simply don’t work.

The ones I have tried were:

The ones with the clothespin didn’t work this year I have to trash it, however it worked last year. So who knows!

Clip it! Free chart behavior


Another one that is simple and easy to make, plus it is my favorite! You draw a happy face and a sad one, you keep on adding some lines up and sum at the end of the week, then they can get something in exchange of the good behavior. (More time to play, outside class, etc.)


We don’t… I deeply love to make deals with students. First, we do the deals together. I usually write them on the board and after that I type and print. The deals have to be displayed all the time. Why do I call them: We don’t… ? Because these will be things that we will not do anymore, we are kids that don’t have this type of behavior…


To sum up, try everything that is possible in your classroom, in fact not only with charts but also with all the activities we apply in our daily routine, we have to be ready to see that some of the approaches we try do not work, thus we must change when we feel that it is time to.



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