Giving feedback – all subjects and different teachers together 

It is tough to give feedback to all the classes when you don’t teach arts class, physical education,  music class, etc. All the classes that happen without you, they should happen in the same principles you have in your classroom routine. If you are the only teacher, maybe an ESL teacher or whatsoever, you can do one own your own, but if you are a primary teacher, you know what I am talking about. When we are main subjects teacher, it is difficult to know what’s is going on in other classes.

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I found very important when you spend time providing feedback of the class to your students, and I have been working with this practice for many years.

There are many ways of giving feedback to your students, in this case I mean feedback after finishing your daily classes.

 So you stop and talk about the bad choices and great choices students had done. Well, you have to be specific when you do that. It isn’t simply say: you did well today.

 No!  Check this out,  what attitudes they have demonstrated during the class that made you draw a line over there, when that happens, and the good or bad consequences that these have caused in the routine (wether bad or nice).

 I mean, you say: you have made the choice to cooperate with your friends, I’m going to draw a line for that. When it comes for bad choice, be specific but don’t give feedback of one kid to all the others. It is the group together, a personal feedback would help you with this student.

When the special classes teacher arrives, tell them to get five minutes of their time to give feedback, and explains how it works.

When we work together, things go smooth…


When all the week is done, you sum all the lines up and see each one have the best result: I guess 54 for good choices and 33 for bad, just a guess. 🙂


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