The Map of my Heart – Caring- Writing and Social Skills 

I really want just to open my heart when I started writing this post. First, when you talk about things you love you talk more. That was what actually happened in my classroom when I started this post.

I read an interesting book to them, it talks a of about caring. So the book goes through basic questions:

  • When do I care about people?

  • What does caring mean?

  • What happens when I am caring?

  • Why should I be caring?

  • Is caring a feeling?

  • Is it easy to be caring?

  • Can I help someone to be caring?

  • Why should I do when someone is caring?

  • Are people always caring?


Caring is something that we decide to do, and being different of everyone else nowadays is something we show in order to grow inside of our students. Showing caring makes me a better person too.

Students can do it on their own and present that after. They will probably include teachers and many friends, they will have this opportunity to show each other how they feel.

Find the PDF version here:



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