Teaching students how to build their self-esteem


There are many students out there that need acceptance when they are among people. We surely know that parents should be teaching that, but why not teaching them, too?  Sometimes it is something really hard for students to accept the way they are. Kids don’t like to be any different of the patterns that the TV , society or magazines provide them.

 Good news, they can find it by reading. 
It is actually O.K to show them that all the differences are acceptable, but how come if the media tells us the opposite? The media must not dictate the way we think about ourselves. Many of our students do not know that truth. So teach them!

Kids must know from now on that they have to get the acceptance they need from themselves. Once they understand that they can love the way they are, they will feel that any outward characteristic is acceptable once they learn to love themselves.

Even if people tell them the opposite, they must always believe that who they are is precious. Every part of their body, thin or fat, tall or short, blond or brunette, black or white, all of them are only characteristics, and each of them have their particular way of being. They have got understand that it is ok to be different.

That truth can get into their hearts and Never Ever goes away. Educators like us can be part of that as well as parents. We spend so much time with them, why not writing the truth in their hearts that can live inside of them  forever?

The book IT IS OK TO BE DIFFERENT by Todd Parr, follow him in Facebook: Like Todd Parr, can be an open eyes to our kids. 

Of course it is always great to have an worksheet to go along our conversations.
How about writing a book with our students about that?



it is ok to

book covering page



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