It’s ok to be different – Writing a book 

We have already talked about that book: It is ok to be different, Todd Parr, it is not only suitable for teachers, but also for mothers. Homeschooling is certainly great for that!

You can read my article about this book in: Teaching students how to build their self-esteem

Kids must know from now on that they have to get the acceptance they need from themselves. Once they understand that, they can love the way they are, they will feel that any outward characteristic is acceptable once they learn to love who they are.

I got really surprised with the result, it actually touched my heart what kids had done.

Now they have a speech when they want to call friends some names. If they want to say that somebody is small, another kid always says: it is ok o be small. How nice! They also accepted some real facts of their life.

You should go for it, this activity is amazing. I have put all the pages together and voila! A book was written by the students.

It’s ok to be different by Todd Parr – reading aloud video


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