Teaching kids self-control – Stop, Think, Choose what to do

Michele Canola Rojas

Is self-control even possible to be taught? Believe or not it is. It is specially possible for kids because they can learn it in their daily routine. Many times I thought that I had to prepare a special class for them to get to know more about it. You can do that, however it is nice to keep the same speech to build their self-control daily.

First of all, what is self-control?

It is when I:




Those three steps are the best:

Interrupt the teacher is not nice, go back and follow the steps.

What do I have to do?

 Is it easy to be taught? Do kids change right after learning it from the teacher?

No, it is an exercise. It is supposed to be done everyday, that will someday turn into a practice.

The next thing is to teach about thinking what is next to be done?

Are kids able to think what is the best to do next? They are able to speak many languages, which requires thinking, reflection and practice. So, why can’t they learn self-control?

Now, what about when they make mistakes?

We make mistakes all the time, practicing how to apologize is something absolutely amazing! That makes life easier.

Have you noticed how apologizing has become almost a lost art these days? A great number of adults–not kids–seem to have forgotten how to say that glorious two-word simple phrase, “I’m sorry!”

Do we have to teach kids to apologize? Absolutely! This is part of their social skills development and as educators we have to be part of it. But how do we teach that?
How do we say sorry?

That goes in their routine as well. Find now some books and videos that can help you out:

Todd Perr teaches kids that:

“Peace is to say sorry when you hit someone.”

Watch him storytelling in YouTube:


Another pick is:

I’m Sorry – by Evi Shelvia

That is actually so cute:

Franklin says sorry, written by Nicola Barton.


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