Drawing therapy -Use this Classroom Management to Calm Your Students Down 

I have already seen many ways of calling this activity: Art therapy, art for healing, and that goes on and on. I actually got myself the chance to invent something: Drawing therapy. I tested and used that to calm my students down whenever we have 10 to 15 minutes to cool down.

I was looking something interesting for kids to get themselves focused. Just like a meditation time, but they can actually do something while doing this.

This is something not to improve drawing skills and anything. It is a moment for kids to focus, calm down and to be cool.

I have already tested the activity before sharing the idea with you. It seems just right, once kids get focused and feel pleasure to make arts happen!

I do some story telling that I created myself. Let’s started with Mr. Turtle. He is a fellow that invites everybody around for a coffee:

Miss Suzanne is a little tiny lonely OWL begging for attention:

That is actually a vegetarian Shark, he is sweet and lonely, some of his friends ask him to shark it out!

Have you ever seen a Penguin that dances? We have, he is right here!

That frog can eat everything around him:

Now you ask me, how have I done those? I researched and I got how to draw these animals step by step. Check some out: 

You type in Google: how to draw ______ step by step. 
Have fun! You students will have a silence moment, I bet they will. 


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