Graphic organizer – assessing knowledge, understanding, and performance. 

Have you ever considered assessing what your students have learned even thought the content is not due in the test? As educators, we should always be interested in assessing their knowledge after classes, explanation, reading, etc. One of the things that I do not feel comfortable with  is when I am having a course, the teacher moves along and he is not sure the students (us) are learning anything.

We should always ask ourselves:

Have our students acquire what was proposed in class?

That should be our main propose when it comes to teaching, our goals would include students understing from what we have delivered in classroom.

Learn more in: Formative assessment – light up your teaching practice

If we asses knowledge, and they show misunderstandings, we have to pick up from where they have stopped learning. Maybe with another activity, a video, book, conversation, etc. That can can be done individually or with the entire group, if you prefer. 

This graphic organizer can be done for any age, ELL, ESL, EFL, etc. For young kids, they can draw their learning and you can erase some of the lines, if you want it.

Find the graphic to download:

DOWNLOAD – what I have learned

Some tittle you may use:

What I have learned from the:

  • unit

  • text

  • Vocabulary

  • Video

  • Article

You can do it together, students brainstorm, or individually.


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