Working on Fear and Tolerance – Dr. Seuss – What Was I Scared Of? 

We have been having some relationship problems among students that were mainly about acceptance.

They tended to make friends to be what they wanted them, for example: play whatever they want to, they expected friends to act in certain ways, bossed them all day, etc.

I came across this incredible and silly book from Dr. Seuss: What Was I Scared Of?

First time that I found this it, I actually thought that it was about fear. However, it teachers about fear and tolerance.

What’s a pair of empty green trousers doing standing by itself in the woods? Or riding a bike in Grin-itch? Or fishing on Roover River? The narrator certainly doesn’t want to find out but wherever he goes, he’s haunted by the spooky empty pants. Finally, when the two find themselves hiding from each other in a Snide bush the terrified narrator realizes, “I was just as strange to him as he was strange to me.” This little Seussian gem, plucked from the back of The Sneetches and Other Stories, shines on it own as it delivers a timeless message about fear and tolerance.

My students got a lot the tolerance and respect part. I let them freely develop something about the book, I gave them green papers for them to cut out the green pants. That was a success!


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