Teachers that inspire – For Teachers that love teaching Reading


I had this wonderful teacher in fourth grade that amazed me. Her name is Mirian, she is retired right now. She was small and kind, passionate, strong in content, and full of actions!

I could never forget about her. She was so kind. I have never forgotten about her attitudes done in class, all of those moments left positive memories in my heart.

I used to love to go to school because of her, and today I love to read because of her love for books. She was the one that introduced reading, I mean passionate reading in my life.

Every single teacher in the world can teach reading. Reading is actually teachable, isn’t that great? I have read a bunch of articles that gave me the instruction to teach reading.

There are many full of passion teachers out there, and there aren’t as well. How many times you have met teachers that were empty in passion for what they were doing? Passion is something that comes from inside, that is an inward thing that walks with the person until the end of their lives.

Talking about my Mirian teacher, she was amazing! She had a box that was wrapped up with a different brown paper that I had no idea what paper that was, I remembered her wearing running shoes and gymnastics or yoga pants, that’s how we call them nowadays. She was so comfortable teaching, that made me comfortable being in her classroom.

Anyways, there were books inside of that box, many interesting books. She used to say that the books were like treasures, and treasures we should keep safely. She used to take them out and she always made such a moment out of it. When the book was coming out: noises, movement, and tadahh! There the book was.

That was not enough, we used to visit the library every other week. I got acquainted with librarian, she use to like me because I used to take the books, read them, and afterwards I used to tell her the stories that I was reading, and it was a lot of fun to tell her my reading adventures.

Some years later, I changed school. That new school was full of reading projects. Full of things that were on the paper. That is why the PROJECT word makes me scared, that big thing did not touch my heart they way my teacher Mirian did, and it was from my little school that had lack of monthly budget.

Yes, teachers can change the world!


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