Teaching Kids how to stand for themselves – Dr. Seuss: Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose

There are many strong kids out there who are able to stand for themselves. They were simply born with the ability of standing for what they want and believe.

Thidwick the BIG-hearted MOOSE got deeply in mystudent’s heart. There was this cute moose, that a nice fellow to everybody around him. He was so nice and kind (a little “pushover”, though). What he wanted the most was to please everybody around him. There is nothing wrong when we want to please our friends, however when it becomes obsessive, people may run over us.

Is it even possible to teach students to stand for themselves? Yes, it is. After teaching this, talking about routine, reading about Thidwick and his trouble of getting rid of the pests afeeling of “I can count to my teacher” comes along.

The class went on like this, first we went on a pre-reading, we talked about our routine and how hard the playing time with friends can be when students don’t cooperate to each other. Next, We had the story telling time.  At the end we had the big discussion:

 4 steps to stand for myself

1. You can count to your teacher when you are in trouble. At the age you are right now, you need some support when you can’t deal with some situations.

2. You have likes and dislikes and this is just the way it is supposed to be. Friends may push you to do what they want, and You can wether  say NO, or propose something else. TALK to your friends, explain yourself.

3. It is OK to say NO to bad things. Don’t feel guilty, there are more things that can make you fit just right in!

4. Is there anything that bothers you? Talk about it to an adult, always!

Find a craft idea. They wrote their impression about Thidwick’s big social problem.


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