Thomas Edison Lapbook Lesson 

A great Lapbook, not printed, all done by students, researched, inquiry based learning, assessment included.

I really like to start a lesson asking students things that they can add in the class.

What are the inventions that I cannot love without?

After that brainstorm, we have tried to connect   any of those to the things Thomas Edison invented. Guess what? It is actually possible. Kids loved it.

After that, we sorted all the questions kids had about his life. They were like:

  1. When was he born?

  2. How did he die?

  3. Was he a good student?

  4. Was he born in Brazil?

  5. Did he have kids?

It was going on and on. We have researched together (books, internet, videos),  and we have written all the information on the light bulbs.

DOWNLOAD LIGHT BULB Worksheet – Thomas Edison

Students knew all the information, and they decided what to write on the work.


We have to make sure that they learn things. So, they were asked to answer this:

DOWNLOAD – Assessing – Thomas Edison


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