L’apprenti Chevalier – À vos ordres! – for dual- language learners and  families 

Christophe Nicolas, Rémi Chaurand, Bérengère Delaporte, Nathan. 

If you are raising your kids bilingual, I highly recommend you to read to them on a weekly basis. 

Your kids’ brain activates that language every time you read , once you are speaking another language. That seems obvious, but if you want the second or third language being around your kids or students’ life, you should save some time to use it (reading, playing, watching, or simply speaking). 

We surely know that without practice, things may be left behind. So, practice it up every time you can! 

Reading is a blast when students/kids have the right motivation. So, you will meet this little boy who shows that appearce, size, age does not matter when you make a big effort. That is one of the collection that you can buy. 

Some mothers say that this book helps developing reading in French.  It is certainly worth it to give it a try! 

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“Bernard de Main-Matin-de-Bonheur est un fier, beau et grand chevalier. 

C’est le plus fort. 

C’est lui qui a réussi à éviter la guerre contre les Vikings. 

C’est lui qui a éteint le feu du Dragon vert. 

Il court même plus vite que son cheval ! 

Ce n’est pas juste, il n’a pas de selle, lui ! 

Mais pendant que Bernard cherche ses bottes marron tout en se brossant les dents, il aimerait bien aussi boire un bon petit café. 

Ce qu’il faudrait à Bernard, c’est un aide-chevalier, un écuyer.”


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