Self-evaluation – Assessing understanding through Learning  Process 

Portuguese speakers: Avaliação baseada na compreensão do conteúdo através do processo de aprendizagem 

We have talked about several times to assess (evaluate) students based on content, in order to achieve understanding. We have seen many teachers that are deeply interested in also base their teaching on achieving learning success, instead of base teaching only to formally test students at the end of each term.
We have selected here some researchers that made that clear and you can read more in our blog: 

Formative assessment – light up your teaching practice

Brainstorm– What we have learned – Formative assessment

Formative assessment – Free download

We will start assessing more what is happening in the learning process. We know that during the day, different contents go on and on. We go from Math to Social Studies, and kids have doubts, even though we have our classes planned, we have used many approaches, and have explained over and over. 

In my classroom, I asked students when they are  still have doubt, or we need another class or activity, they clip their names on the chart showing me where they are at (each clothe pin has their names on it with permanent pen). My students have perfectly clear in their minds that it is ok to be in doubt.

So, what’s next? You can: 
1. Do another activitiy with the students with a different approach if a big amount of students haven’t understood.

2. If only few students asked another way of understanding, you can work on a center. 

3. Students can research more and present something about this, sometimes learn from another friend can be better and easier.
4. We can never run out of options, our main point here is the learning itself. It is not to check on our planning: exercise done. There is always another way of achieving understanding.

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