Fighting against Bullying – Teaching kids how to overcome bullying when nobody sees it

Let’s talk about bullying. I always looking for a book that talks about it. I came across it when I was researching content realated to social skills development, and of course how to overcome bullying when nobody sees it.

This book presents few steps to get away of bullies and bullying. It actually teach kids how to mange getting help from family and school. 

My students were so quiet when I read the book to them, they wanted to know the way the character went out of it, once he was struggling so much.

They also got to know what bullying really is, since every little normal situation that happened during the day they called bullying. It was a very nice time spent with them. 

Of corse I will propose an activity here. Students got to put their friends inside of a bus to have fun together. They also set down and talked about being better friends to each other. 

Here goes the shape of a bus, that was the one we have cut for the activity. 


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