Cultural Clothing all over the World – Research Guide worksheet- Comparing and Contrasting

In this worksheet, students will choose countries to research about. After that, the research starts. This is a kind of worksheet that involves discussion and production at the same time. It will not be done in a day; you will probably spend some days getting this done.

DOWNLOAD – Cultural-clothing-guided-research

Find some steps to organize the plan:

1st – Raise a discussion about the theme.

2nd – Compare and contrast two countries that you have discussed on the board.

3rd – Assign the activities one at a time. Raise some discussions and presentations during the production.



Task 1 – Researching 


  • Choose 2 countries.
  • Research their cultural vestment.
  • Describe them with your own words.
  • Print out or draw some images.


Task 2 – Comparing and contrasting

Compare and contrast both cultures.


Task 3 – Write about the Dress culture in some regions in your country.



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