My name is Michele Canola Rojas, I am Brazilian, and married to a Venezuelan. We speak 3 languages in my house. I am a teacher at an IB/PYP school. I speak 4 languages. I cover ESL, ELL, EFL in the blog.

I also teach English as second language because I found it interesting. I have been a teacher for 13 years. I have opened my eyes for bilingual education when I have lived in Canada for some years.

I am graduated in Languages (English-Portuguese) and my research field is in early bilingualism, sociolinguistics, bilingual schools, bilingual education, social skills development and activities that can be applied in bilingual environment.

Everything that I propose in this blog is for whatever language you are teaching in your classroom.

Some of the articles are written in Portuguese because I want to serve my community of Portuguese speakers, there are many teaches that are teaching kids whose students are learning the second language while they’re teaching the first. Teachers like them deserve articles in the language they understand.

There are some printable worksheets available in this blog, but not that much I really like to watch kids building knowledge and their activities themselves.

Why Bilingual Education Activities?

Because my research includes applying activities in bilingual Education environment.

Have fun in my blog, all the best for us educators!

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2 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks a lot, Helena. Just a question, are you Helena from Languages of the heart?
      I will soon talk more about myself, I am a teacher at a IB/PYP school, and a researcher, my area is in bilingualism, multilingual and sociolinguistics.
      Thanks a lot!


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