Creating your own Business- Guided Crafitivity (Writing)

That was a lot of fun! You can also download the objectives so students can get organized.

(PDF)Creating a Business Guiding Worksheet – Business

Creating your logo 

TOPIC: How to choose the right color for your brand using color psychology?

  • Create the name of your business

  • What does this business stand for? (Food, beauty products, video games, etc.)

  • Evaluate the best way your costumers can feel when they see your logo.

Task 2: Creating your business card. 

Include your logo, name, email and telephone for contact.

Task 3: List some products you will be selling. 

They do not need to be something you create, you can research them.


Apps for learning – Lakeshore 

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Download the app in: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/phonics-tic-tac-toe-interactive/id465184366?mt=8

  This is app is so cool that I caught myself playing it for a long time. I was actually having fun with this. Kids need to have a previous knowledge about some vocabulary, but the fun is guarateed!

I did it right!


Have fun, everybody, and don’t forget to share the apps with your students.


Apps for learning – Come learn spellings!

I always download and try the apps before recommend them to you. This is a super cute app that they can REPEAT and lean how to WRITE.

Download in: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/come-learn-spellings-free/id424428441?mt=8
Check it out, there many types of vocabulary they can learn:

They spell, letter by letter, and they say the whole word for repetition: